Privacy policy

We always protect your data and never share it with anyone you haven't explicitly given access to. Need to know more? Read below.

In summary

The purpose of Beefit's privacy policy is to explain how we collect, protect and use your data - because we believe that all of your data is yours, and yours only. We collect and process your data to help you achieve your fitness and health goals, and we will never pass your data on to a third party without your explicit and clear consent. Furthermore, we always respect if you would like to be deleted from our services.

However, we reserve the right to use your data in a statistical and anonymous context. Your data may be used in a broader context and it is impossible to connect the data to you personally. For example, we inform gyms about how many people have trained on a given day, but we do not inform the gym about who that was.

How we collect and use your data

  1. When you create an account, we collect your email, gender, birthday, weight and height. This information is used to identify you and to enable our algorithms to calculate exercise factors such as calorie expenditure, for example.
  2. When you train with Beefit in the gym, we collect as many data from the fitness equipment as we can. On strength machines, it is mostly about weight and repetition, and on cardio machines it is usually about distance and speed. We use this information in almost all of our core functions. That is, giving you feedback on your training, letting you participate in competitions, see if you achieve your goals, etc.
  3. When you train with Beefit using the sensors in your smartphone (for example, when running or cycling), your position is collected in order to calculate speed, distance, route, split-time, etc. All of this data enables the core functions of Beefit.
  4. When you participate in competitions, we collect data about which competitions/leaderboards you have registered in, and when the registration has taken place.
  5. When you use the social functions of Beefit, such as being "training buddies" with other users, or joining a group, we collect who you are friends with and which groups you participate in. With your consent, your workouts are shared with these friends, as well as any groups that you are enrolled in. Nothing is shared without your consent.
  6. When you use the Beefit Tracker app, we collect information about how you use the app, and how much you use it. This is used for the future development of the app, to create the best experience for our users. These data are used solely in a statistical context, and the individual user's activity is never seen.

Legal basis for handling your data

According to the current data protection legislation, we are the data controller for the personal data you provide to us. As a data controller, we treat the personal information about you that we have stored under this Privacy Policy.

Storing data

We store your personal information as long as you have an account, or as long as the data is necessary to provide our services to you. If we no longer need to process your personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, we will delete your personal information from our systems.


We do not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 13. If you become aware that a child has provided us with personal information without the parents' consent, please contact us through our Support Team. If we become aware that a child under the age of 13 has provided us with personal data without parental consent, we will ensure that they are removed and the child's account will be deleted.

How to contact us

If you have questions, comments or concerns about the way we handle your personal information, please contact us through our Support Team at