My steps are not synced in the app?

Try the following points:

  • Close Beefit Tracker - on iPhones, double-tab the "home" button and then swipe the app away. On Android phones, there usually is a square button at the bottom of the screen that brings up a list of open apps, so the app can also be swept away. Also, try to turn the bluetooth on and off on the phone while Beefit Tracker is closed. Then open Beefit Tracker again. Still not working? proceed to the next point.
  • Try syncing the last 7 days - On the watch page press "Synchronize 7 days" (note, only works if you have had the watch for more than 7 days). Still not working? proceed to the next point.

  • Delete the pairing  - On the clock side, press "Delete this Unity". Then pair the clock again from the start.

If the above does not work, contact Beefit Support at:, type "Beefit Watch will not synchronize" in the subject field.

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