Increase your customer retention with Beefit

Got a fitness club and want to boost your results? Beefit motivates your members to keep at it, therefore staying in your club up to 30% longer.

How it works

Beefit sensors are retrofitted onto your existing gym equipment. So you won't have to change a thing, or buy new equipment of any kind. It's easy, cost effective, and it works.
Tell us about your club, and the equipment you use.
Beefit sensors are retrofitted onto your fitness equipment.
Congratulations! Your club is now fully digitalized.

The sensors

Our smart sensors are build to fit most equipment brands, both visually and mechnically. All of the devices are multifunctional and have many use cases.
Beefit Selector
The selector is a smart and connected replacement for the weight stack pin that comes with almost any weight stack machines. It measures load and repetitions.
Beefit Scanner
The Beefit scanner is mounted on almost all Beefit enabled equipment. The member uses her wristband/watch to identity her/himself on the Beefit Scanner.
Sense Module
The Sense Module is a small module packed with all kinds of different sensors. It is a multipurpose device, which enables tracking of all sorts of exercises.

Supported equipment

As a starting point, Beefit can be installed on most equipment brands and types, and will collect everything: load, repititions, calories, distance, speed etc.
Stack machines
Cardio machines
Hand weight areas

Beefit creates value

Beefit keeps track of exercises, route, distance and calories burned. We have a strong track record with our current customers and we've proven more than once that we create tremendous value in the gym.
AffordabilityBeefit is based on retrofitting, you don’t have to replace your entire equipment. No need to pull wires in the club - it runs on batteries.
Better use of spaceBeefit analyzes all of your equipment, and gives you very concrete feedback on which machines are just wasting your valueable space.
Higher attendanceMembers using Beefit, on average workout 24% more than other members.They also tend to stay a lot longer - research points towards +30% longer!
Big dataBeefit will help you interprete and utilize the enormous stream of data coming from your club and help you make crucial business decisions.
Increased revenueYou will also be able to sell Beefit accesories like wristbands and watches. This creates revenue and value to the members.
Personal trainingYou will be able to offer a new variety of products to your members. Your PTs will be able to communicate with the clients directly.

Sounds interesting?

We hope so. Contact us through the form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Also feel free to put in some dates for a call or a cup of coffee, no strings attached of course.